Temperature Influence On Hydraulic PP Filter Press

- Apr 20, 2018-

As summer approaching, temperature is increasing. Today we are simply talk about the temperature influence on hydraulic filter press and pp filter press? Basically the temperature will affect three parts of a filter press. One is hydraulic system, another is the filter plate, the other is filter cloth. 

Firstly, influence on hydraulic system. Some customers put the hydraulic filter press directly exposed under the sunshine, especially the customers from those counties or regions locates at low latitude, such as:Saudi Arabia, UAE etc... If the pp filter press bask in the sunshine for long time, the cylinder will be very hot. Thus it might cause the cylinder seal's deformation or adhesion. Then will break down the hydraulic system. So normally we request, if the hydraulic filter press works outside, it must has roof, especially in summer. It’s not only keep out of rains, but also sunshine. If long time do not use the hydraulic filter press, pls fill the oil and move the cylinder piston regularly. 

Secondly, influence on filter press plate. Normally, regarding pp filter press in China, the temperature endured is 75-80 ℃. If over 80 centigrade, we will customize high temperature filter press. Of course, the filter press price will be higher. For our pp filter press, the plates can endure max 110℃. For some special materials, if the temperature is over 110 ℃, our cast iron filter press or stainless steel filter press will be better choice. 

Third, influence on filter cloth. No matter for pp filter press or hydraulic filter press, the filter press clothes mainly are made of polyester, PP, chinlon or vinylon. Normally pp filter cloth only can endure under 90℃. If higher, polyester filter cloth and chinlon filter fabric are better choice. If over 120, say, around 150 ℃, it will consider special filter clothes. If you want to know more temperature influence on hydraulic filter press and pp filter press or want to buy high temperature filter press, pls contact us now. 

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