Hydraulic pp Filter press for gypsum

- Oct 20, 2017-

The gypsum is a crystals, which is usually white or colorless. And the main chemical content is calcium sulfate. It has wide application as industrial and building materials, such as: concrete retarder, mold making, food addition and sulfuric acid etc. While CaSo4 producing, our pp filter press will be used. 

timg (1).jpg

For the gypsum producing , the raw material is natural gypsum mine, desulfuration gypsum, phosphor gypsum etc, and the producing process is mainly includes breaking, grinding, calcination and dewatering. Gypsum has excellent dehydration, so it’s easy to be dewatered. We normally use the hydraulic filter press to treat. Our automatic chamber filter press adopts automatic discharging to greatly decrease filter cakes discharging time and save the man power. And it normally adopts pure pp filter plate, which has strength structure and can bear higher pressure, so we can get the filter cakes with lowest moisture. 

Pls tell us your material situation, so that we can recommend you right model with best price. As a professional filter press manufacturer, SINO FILTRATION will supply with professional service to meet your individual demand. 

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