Hydraulic PP filter press sealing performance

- Aug 29, 2017-

The good sealing performance is the necessary condition to realize solid-liquid separation for a plate frame filter press. And it mainly includes filter chamber sealing performance and the hydraulic system sealing performance.

Filter chamber is the very important part of filter press. It’s formed by filter plate pack. Under the closing device, the filter press plates will be closed and form the filter chamber, which is the main filtering site. While filtering, the filter chamber will be full of the materials, and the inner pressure is very high. If the filter chamber sealing performance is not good, the filtering pressure will be not enough, and the filter press performance will not good as expected. On the other hand, it will cause leakage to influence the filtering efficiency and the filtering effect.

The hydraulic system is the closing device of the hydraulic filter press. And it closes the filter plates by oil pressure. So if it don’t have good sealing performance, the closing pressure will decrease and can’t close the filter plates well. Thus, before filter press operation, please check the hydraulic elements, such as: seals and oil hoses etc., to ensure them can work normally.

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