Industrial filter press machine for Nanometre

- Aug 12, 2017-

Industrial filter press is widely used for various fields. Nanometre technology is the new and advanced producing technology, and it’s widely used for industry product. It has better features than the normal materials. And it can greatly improve the producing quality and the comprehensive performance.

Iron Mine Filter Press.jpg

For the nanometre materials, the solid is smaller, the filtering is more difficult, so it increase the filtering difficulty of the filter press. On one hand, it’s very small, so it’s not easy to be trapped. On the other hand, it has big viscosity, and it’s easy to block the filter clothes.

For the nanometre material filtering, we did the meticulous researches and many experiments, and combined with expert opinions. Finally, we produced the chemical engineering filter press which get the great success on the nanometre material filtering and dewatering.

1. We adopts thick 3927 filter clothes or the 108C filter clothes to get better filtering effect.
2. Our filter plates are the high pressure filter plates. On one hand, it adopts high quality material and increase the plates thickness. On the other hand, it has more support points and changes the structure to bear higher pressure.
3. The filter frame are made of high quality Q235 carbon steel, and has larger structural strength.
4. Add the blowing function to lower the cake moisture and help filter cakes discharging.

These are the nanometre filter press features. If you want to buy filter press machine from China, pls contact us.


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