Installation steps for a hydraulic filter press

- Sep 01, 2019-

In last article, we share some basic experience to load a hydraulic filter press. After installation correctly, how to do next? Actually before actual operation, we should prepare and check following steps. 

1.Ensure the pipe lines meet the technical requirements, especially the machine needs special designs and functions, such as: hidden flow, cake blow, cake washing and cake washing. And must install return valve to ensure safe operation.  

2.Must guarantee the filter plates quantity meet the required number on the nameplates, otherwise will damage the hydraulic cylinder. Beside, the plates must put in right order according to filter press types. And plates should be in good condition without grooves, cracks or damages. By the way, must check the corner holes are aligned.

3.Check the filter clothes must be flat and has no wrinkles on squeezing surface, otherwise leakage will occur. 

4.The installation of hydraulic station and cabinet, normally near to the cylinders. And the oil hose suggest less than 1.5m. Before running, please recheck the hose connection, must ensure all ports are tighten and the hose pressure is right for the port. And the hydraulic station should be far away filter cakes or filtrate, so as to avoid falling onto it. 

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