Instructions for the use of plate and frame filter press

- Apr 25, 2017-

(1) Preparations before operation

In the filter box on both sides of the filter cloth, the filter on the hole in the filter box at the angle of the feeding hole, filter cloth folding, the operation is prone to leak.

After the plate frame is mounted, the screw on the movable head is pressed.

Put the slurry to be separated into the slurry tank, start the blender to avoid the precipitation of slurry. The filtrate sink is ready for outlet in the filtrate discharge.

Check the filter inlet valve and the washing water inlet valve is closed.

Open the air compressor, the compressed air into the slurry tanks. Note the compressed air pressure gauge readings, to the pressure to achieve the prescribed value, ready to start filtering.

(2) Filtration operation

Open the filter pressure regulating valve, attention to observe the filter pressure gauge readings, filter pressure to reach the prescribed value, adjust the stability of the pressure to maintain filtration.

Open the filtrate tank outlet valve, and then open the filter slurry inlet valve, the filter will be fed into the filter, filter start.

To observe the filtrate, if the filtrate is clear, indicating that filtration is normal, found that the filtrate is muddy or with a filter, indicating that the filtration process problems, should stop filtering, check the filter and installation situation, filter plate, filter box deformation, there is no cracks, pipeline leakage.

Periodically record the filter pressure, check the contact surface of the plate and the box for leakage of filtrate.

When the outlet of the filtrate change is very hours, the Board box is filled with the filter, filtering resistance increases so that the filtration rate slows down, when you can close the filter inlet valve, stop filtering.

Washing: Open water outlet valves, and then open the filter washing water inlet valve to the filter into the washing water, washing the residue under the same pressure until washing meets the requirements.

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