Laboratory membrane plate filter press

- Aug 22, 2017-

For the laboratory filter press, normally it not only for filtering, but also has more functions: cake washing, cake blowing etc to meet some special technical requirements. And the filter frame adopts high quality carbon steel,which is strong, and also can coat s.s.304 as optional to avoid corrosion.


For laboratory, membrane filter press is first choice. The membrane filter plate is made of the pure polypropylene materials, so it has acid & alkali resistance, anticorrosion, non-toxic, non-odor, light weight and high strength etc. For the laboratory, because it has small capacity, so the filter press adopts manual filter press, and that is easier to operate and don’t need the power.

The filter chambers are formed by membrane plate and the chamber plate, which are putted on the frame in order. Under the pressure of filter press pump, the materials will go into the filter chamber, and then they will be filtered to realize solid liquid separation via the filter clothes. And when the filter cakes formed, the membrane filter plates will be pumped into high pressure water or the compressed air to squeeze filter cakes again. So it improves the filter cake’s solid content, decrease the cakes moisture and get the better filtering effect. Automatic membrane filter press is widely used for wastewater treatment, medicine, food and chemicals etc.More info on China filter presses, pls contact us.



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