Maintenance and maintenance of sludge filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

In order to ensure the normal operation of the filter press, prolong the service life, the correct use and operation is essential. At the same time should be regularly inspected, timely maintenance and maintenance.

Use filter cloth correctly. At the end of each work, a filter cloth must be cleaned so that the surface of the cloth does not leave residue. The filter cloth hardens to soften, if damaged should be repaired or replaced promptly. Pay attention to protect the sealing surface of the filter plate, do not collide, put it as good, can reduce deformation. The oil tank usually carries out a cleaning for six months and replaces the hydraulic oil in the tank and discovers that the liquid level is below the lower limit and should be filled.

To filter the temperature of the liquid should be ≤ 100 ℃, the liquid must not be mixed to plug the intake of debris and hard material, lest destroy the filter cloth. The valve must be opened, closed, liquid and washed water shall not enter at the same time according to the operation procedure. After the completion of the work should be as far as possible, despite the remaining fluid in the Tao. Keep the machine clean and keep the workplace hygiene and road unblocked. Do not trample pipes and valves, lest bend cause an excuse dripping.

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