Maintenance of Hydraulic Filter Press

- May 27, 2018-

Hydraulic filter press is most popular because of better closing performance. However, because of long time service, poor quality or wrong operation, hydraulic filter press machine might appear abnormals. Normally, the problems mainly include following common points:

(1)Pressure is not not enough. The pressure here refers to the cylinder squeezing pressure. For hydraulic type filter press, if can not reach rated pressure, it will be caused by following situations: relief valve broken; hydraulic oil is not enough; oil pump broken, oil hose leakage; cylinder seal leakage etc... Pls check one by one. (2) if the cylinder pressure of the hydraulic filter press can not keep, this normally should check: oil-way leakage; valves block. If valve blocks, pls wash the valve body and replace the oil. (3)Big noise while hydraulic filter press working. Normally this happens when the cylinder has air, so pls discharge the air. Then it might caused by oil viscosity. (4) Oil pump is heating. It's mainly caused on oil or oil pump, such as: low oil level, oil has impurities etc...

For hydraulic filter press, the hydraulic system is very important for stable working, so regular maintenance is very necessary. Hydraulic filter press, it's not a filtration device consisted by several individual part. In fact, it a system. Even hydraulic system can not work well, the reason might beyond the hydraulic station itself, so pls consult professional hydraulic filter press manufacturer to get professional technical support and aftersales. 

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