Manual Filter Press for Bearing Washing Wastewater

- Jun 01, 2018-

As we know, the bearing will rust after long time usage, because it contacts with oxygen, impurities and water, thus will decrease the quality and lifespan. So it will need to be washed in time. Especially for the professional works, they might wash them continuously, thus will need our manual filter press to regenerate the liquid to save the cost. Generally, for such wastewater the capacity is small and the solid content is lower. That's why normally consider manual filter press to meet the demand. 


How to wash bearings? First, the bearing will be dismounted. For smaller ones, they might be dismounted to pieces. Second, remove the grease. Third, wash bearings. This step is the key point and the washing method might be different. Some use gasoline to wash, some use rust removing agent, and some directly use water. Beside that, the liquid might be heated to get the better washing performance. Then the washing water will be recycled by our pp manual filter press. Finally, install and lubricate the bearings. 

Our manual filter press adopts manual hydraulic pump to squeeze the filter plates, so that can endure higher filtering pressure and get best filtering performance. It has stable performance and features of easy operation. If you want to buy China manual filter press, pls contact us immediately. 

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