Manual Jack Filter Press

- May 21, 2017-

Last time, we talked about the filter press types on base of driven method. Today, we focus on manual jack filter press. Lifting jack, also called jack, is a popular lifting device in our common life and widely used in machine industry, mining industry and transportation. Generally it contains two types: mechanical jack and hydraulic jack. Manual jack filter press is a side bar filter press which is driven by mechanical jack.

Mechnical Jack.jpg

While filter press operation, the operator will screw the ratchet wheels clockwise using a steel bar. Then the terminal plate will press the metal head plate on the filter press to close the filter plate pack. After filtering process finished, then will screw the ratchet wheels unticlockwise to open the plates.

Mechnical Jack Structure.jpg

Manual Jack Filter Press.jpg

Advantages of manual jack filter press:
1.Easy operation.
2.Lower running cost: no need power.
3.Convenient to move.
4.Space saving.
Manual jack filter press mainly used for small capacity materials or for the laboratory. More info on filter presses pls contact us. 

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