What is manual hydraulic filter press?

- May 22, 2017-

Manual hydraulic filter press can also named manual hydraulic jack filter press, which also is popular sludge dewatering machine. It adopts high pressure hydraulic pump as closing system to increase filter press’s close pressure and ensures stable performance.


While working, we just need move the handle up and down to increase hydraulic pressure. Thus the piston will move forward, then drive the head plate to close the filter plates (filter plate pack) and filter clothes between head plate and tail plate. Then filter chambers are formed among filter plates. Then materials get into the filter chambers through the feeding port on end filter plate. Solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber to form cakes, and the liquid will be discharged out off filter clothes.


It has features of easy structure, easy operation, no power, and it has higher pressure than other manual filter presses. But it’s also suitable for small filter press

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