What is manual screw filter press?

- May 23, 2017-

Manual Screw Filter Press 1.jpg

The manual screw filter press is a simple pressure filtration equipment, and belongs to manual filter press. It’s also used for sludge dewatering. The manual screw filter press consists of screw system, frame, and plate pack. The screw system adopts manual screw as closing device, so the closing performance of filter press depends on manpower.

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Concretely speaking, the manual screw device consists of screws, nut and hand wheel. While working, operator will screw the hand wheel clockwise. In the meantime, the gear set are driven to rotate and move the screw forward. Then the screw squeeze the head plate and filter plates to be closed. Then the filter chambers are formed among filter plates. After the above process, materials will be pumped into chambers and squeezed by the filter press pump pressure in chambers. At last, solid particles are blocked to form filter cakes, and the filtration will be discharged out via outlet.

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The manual screw filter press is easy to operate, and no needs power. But it’s a little heavy structure, and it’s also only suitable for small filter plates. Manual screw system is not common filter press. More info pls contact us.

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