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- Jun 02, 2017-

As a frofessional filter plate manufacturer, our membrane filter plate also is our good seller. Membrane filter press is named according to membrane filter plate. For material of membrane filter plates, there are mainly two types: rubber membrane filter plate and PP filter plate. The membrane plate of rubber membrane filter plate normally embedded in the grooves of the core plate, so it can be took down and changed. But the PP membrane filter plate is the oneness, and it can’t be took down and changed. However the PP membrane filter plate have some better natures, so we are mainly sell PP membrane filter plates.    

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The membrane filter plate adopts the advanced technology and it’s hollow. It consists of 3 layers: two membrane plates on the both sides and one core plate in the center. And then the 3 layers are welded together by heat welding machine. The surface of membrane filter plate is flat. It must work with the chamber filter plates distributed in some order to form filter chambers.

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Because the membrane filter plate is hollow, so after feeding, the high pressure water or the compressed air can pumped into the space between the membrane plate and the core plate, and make it to be inflated to realize second squeezing and reduce the moisture of filter cakes.

On the other side, the cakes of the membrane filter press is much drier and  the cakes will be easily discharged. But the membrane filter plate price is expensive than chamber filter plate. More info on filter plate pls contact us:

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