What is membrane filter press?

- Jun 24, 2017-

Everyday there will be lots of domestic wastewater and industrial waste water, so the wastewater treatment is very important in our normal life. For wastewater treatment, the wastewater will be reused, even to realize wastewater zero release. In this process, the wastewater membrane filter press is the best tool for it.

Filter Press Effect.jpg

The membrane filter press consists of the frame, filter plates, closing system and electric control system etc. It's a hydraulic filter press. The membrane filter plates is the biggest difference with other plates. Because it is welded by the three parts(one core plate and two membrane sheet) and it’s hollow can realize second squeezing.

Filter Cake.jpg

While operating, after closing and feeding, the high pressure water or compressed air will be pumped into the membrane filter plates. Now the membrane filter plate will be inflated to squeeze the filter cakes secondarily and  decrease the cakes moisture. Filter presses can meet filtration requirement for most municipal and industrial wastewater.

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