Advantages of membrane filter press

- Jan 29, 2018-

Membrane filter press is feature of secondary cake squeezing. Generally, according to the filter plate materials, the membrane filter press include rubber membrane filter press and pp membrane filter press. Now the rubber filter press is basically abandoned by the market, because of rubber aging. But for pp membrane filter press, pp has strong chemical stability, so it’s widely used, even for strong acid and alkali. The most important, pp membrane filter press has better life-span. 

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For membrane plate filter press, it has two squeezing methods: air or liquid. For air, it can be normal air or inert gases; for liquid, can be water or oil. Popularly air and water is first choice and cost saving. The squeezing medium is recommended according to the material filtered. For membrane filter press, after basic filtering, compressed air or high pressure water will be injected into the membrane plates to squeezing cakes. This process is called “Secondary Squeezing”. Normally 3-15 min cake squeezing can realize best dewatering performance. Comparing chamber filter press, membrane filter press is used to meet the higher dewatering requirement. Especially before and after squeezing, if blow filter cakes, the filtering performance will be much better.

Features of our membrane filter press: 1.Save labor and short filtering cycle. 2.Use TPE elastomer as material, so that the membrane filter press can ensure higher squeezing pressure to get good dewatering result. 3.Can endure higher strong corrosion. 4.Automatic control and remote control is optional.


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