Membrane Filter Press for Aluminum Profiles Extruded Wastewater

- Feb 03, 2018-

While producing aluminum profiles, the processing steps mainly include degreasing, alkali erosion, pickling, oxidation, sealing and coloring. After above processes, the aluminum parts will be washed and cause lots of wastewater. For this waste water contains many aluminium ion, and also many other metal ions: zinc, nickel, copper etc... For aluminum profiles wastewater treatment, membrane filter press is primary sludge dewatering machine.

For the wastewater, it’s easy to be pretreated by neutralization and thickening. Pls check the following diagram. Before membrane filter press dewatering, the collected wastewater firstly be neutralized by the acid and alkali. Then will add flocculant (PAM) to thicken it. The solid of aluminum extrusion profiles wastewater mainly is aluminium hydroxide.

China aluminum profiles wastewater membrane filter press_副本.jpg

Because membrane filter press can endure strong corrosion, so it’s very sustainable for such wastewater treatment. The waste water is pumped into membrane filter press, after primary filtering, the cakes will be squeezed by high pressure compressed air, thus to get the best filtering performance. After sludge dewatering by automatic membrane filter press, the final cake moisture can be about 60%.

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