Why membrane filter press has better dewatering effect?

- Mar 08, 2018-

Filter press is a traditional solid liquid separation equipment. With technology development, all aspects of filter press develop fast, such as: structure, efficiency, automation, quality, stability etc... Comparing with filter presses at developed countries, China filter press catch up forthwith them in recent years, especially the high pressure membrane filter press developed. Now China filter press producing capacity is NO.1 in the world. 

China Membrane filter press plate manufacturer.jpg 

The membrane filter press is the third generation of filter presses. The first generation is plate frame filter press, the second generation is chamber filter press, and membrane plate filter press is the most advanced. Comparing the other two types, membrane filter press can get the lowest moisture. The main point is secondary cake squeezing. For chamber filter press and plate frame filter press, normally when there was no filtrate discharging, it means filtering process is ended, then begin to discharge cakes. But for membrane filter press, it will not open filter plate pack immediately. It will swell the membrane filter pate, thus to squeeze more moisture out. 

For membrane filter press, the plates have three layers and are hollow. The external two layers are made of TPE, so it’s elastic. Then will be welded the tree together by heat welder. While squeezing, pump the medium into to swell it. Popularly the medium can be compressed air or high pressure water. While the plates swelling, the filtering chamber will become more and more smaller till the pressure get balance. During this course, more liquid will be squeezed out. If you want to buy China membrane filter press or chamber filter press, pls contact us now. 

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