Membrane filter press for printing and dyeing wastewater

- Apr 27, 2018-

What contains in the printing and dyeing wastewater? It contains a large number of organics. Waste water can easily corrupt and stink. Because solid particles are fine and small density, so it's suspended and not easy to be flocculated. Besides, solid content is low, so it's not easy to be dewatered. Thus membrane filter press is a very good option.

Our chamber membrane filter presses are widely used complicated wastewater treatment, particularly in printing and dyeing wastewater. Because of following characteristics: (1)can realize fully automatic control. (2) higher feeding pressure and secondary cake squeezing can get best sludge dewatering effect. (3)coat and time saving. 

For printing and dyeing sludge, after sludge dewatering by our automatic membrane filter press, the cake moisture can be around 45% and sludge volume can decrease by 50%. Therefore, our membrane filter press machine is the first choice in printing and dyeing industry. The residual sludge belongs to dangerous solid waste, which need further dispose in right way. Then they might be sent to landfill or directly incinerated. If incineration, the final ash can be comprehensive utilized again.Please contact us for membrane filter press right now. 

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