Membrane Filter Press for Agar Process

- Jan 31, 2018-

Membrane filter press has better dewatering performance than chamber filter press, so it’s widely used for complicated materials, for example, agar. Agar is a kind of gelatine and made from seaweed (gelidium and gracilar ia). It is colorless and can be dissolved in hot water and works as thickening agents, coagulants, suspensions, emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilizers, so it’s widely used in many industries: foods, pharmacy, daily chemicals etc... Because it’s organic, so membrane filter press is best choice, so that can save producing cost.

China Agar Filter Press.jpg

While agar producing, it will basically need following steps: impurity removing, alkali process, extracting, filtering, condensation, dewatering, drying, packing. While filtering, for the big manufacturer, normally will use membrane filter press to dewater. For agar, the filtering temperature is about 75-80 ℃, and use diatomite or perlite as filter aid. After dewatering, it will be dryed then packed in the shape of powder or straps.

Beside agar producing, the wastewater also need membrane filter press to dispose. While agar manufacturing, many steps will discharge lots of organic waste water, such as, washing, unfreezing and dewatering etc... Basically the wastewater is about 18-20 times as the agar capacity. If you want membrane filter press machine for agar producing, pls contact us.

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