Automatic membrane filter press for wastewater sludge dewatering

- Nov 21, 2017-

With the development of China economy, the sewage plants and wastewater disposal capability is greatly increasing in recent years. However, the wastewater sludge is becoming the “bottleneck”. According to China’s policy, the waste sludge must be treated with “reduction, stability and harmless” and mustdewatered to no more than 50% cake moisture. Now such aim mainly depends on filter press machine.

Automatic Membrane Filter Press.jpg

For wasteater treatment technologies, now basically there are two method that is mature and popular. One is using ferric salt with filter press; another is using curing agent with filter press. We can noted the both has filter presses. For wastewater treatment, our pp filter press is a good seller for sludge dewatering. Especially our automatic membrane filter press plays an important role.

As we know, now China filter press industry is developing and even do not has a strict industrial standard. But our filter press has bee marked by CE and exported to many developed countries. If you want to high quality China filter press pls contact us.    

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