Membrane filter press for deep sludge dewatering

- Jul 10, 2019-

Deep dehydration means that the moisture content of sludge after dehydration reaches 55%-65%, and even much lower after special processes. From the domestic research in recent years, actually there are many kinds of deep dehydration processes. From an economic point of view, mechanical dehydration is a relatively energy-saving way, especially a chamber membrane filter press. 

Automatic high pressure diaphragm filter press as a deep sludge dewatering equipment, mainly used for urban sewage and industrial sewage treatment. Of course, it’s application is much wider. While working, under the pressure of the feed pump, the sludge is sent to the filter chamber. Firstly, the sludge and liquid are separated by the filter clothes. After the completion of first step sludge filtration, the water can be effectively separated by high-pressure diaphragm pressing, thus the moisture in the sludge can be reduced to about 60% or even 50%. As China professional filter press factory, our products adopt electrical integration design and has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. For higher market demand, we also can realize automatic operation of unmanned operation. 

Automatic membrane type filter press is an intermittent machine. Compared with belt filter and screw filter, it has much better dewatering performance. So it belongs to the deep dewatering devices, which lays a foundation for the subsequent harmless treatment of sludge. 

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