Membrane filter press for wastewater treatment

- Aug 07, 2020-

The purpose of wastewater treatment is to remove all kinds of impurities or harmful particles in sewage. So that the discharging water can meet the quality requirements according to Chinese national requirements. Finally the water will be reused for all kinds of industries or for domestic usage. While wastewater disposal, sludge dewatering is the key point and our chamber membrane filter press can realize it easily. Because at the end of filtering process, the high-pressure media (water or air) can be injected into membrane plates, which is hollow. Then diaphragms on both sides of each membrane plate will bulge and squeeze filter cakes, so as to achieve further dehydration. This course is called "Membrane Squeezing" or "Cake Squeezing". It can greatly improve the efficiency of sludge solidification. 

For industrial waste water treatment, the filter press machine not only saves water sources, but also can recycle the waste. The filter cakes from some industries can further processed to bring more commercial benefits. For examples, some can be used as fuel for power plant, some can be transfered as organic fertilizers, and some can be as raw material to produce cements, bricks etc... Generally, it improves the sludge's conversion, and greatly decreases the damages to environment. 

Comparing chamber filter press, membrane type filter press has special plate structure, so we has following suggestions while operation. 1. It normally do not suitable for high temperature materials. 2. The squeezing pressure should not over 0.3 MPa than filtering pressure. 3. Before discharge cakes, it must release the high pressure inside the membrane plates. Pls contact us for more industrial knowledge. 


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