Membrane filter press for waterworks sludge dewatering

- Nov 28, 2020-

Filter presses have wide applications. Taking an example: it can be used to dewater sludge in waterworks. In the process of tap-water production, the solid content is very low. However, in China, even for a small water works, the daily running water output can reach 10,000 tons per day! That means it will produce hundreds of tons of sludge every day. For such huge amount of mud, it must be disposed by mechanical filtration equipment. Currently, in the Chinese market, the dewatering equipment manly include centrifuge machine, screw plate filter, belt filters and membrane filter presses. Among them, the chamber membrane filter press has a good running cost and dehydration performance.

The particles of waterworks sludge generally is very fine (mud, fine sand, etc.) and the solid content is very low, so before treatment, it needs coagulants and thickening. Then the mud will be pumped into the closed filter chamber through a high-pressure pump. Specific steps are as following: closing filter plates - pressurized dehydration - secondary membrane squeezing - cake blowing - cake discharging. According to our experience, one filter press cycle is about 3 hours. SINO filter presses adopt heavy-duty structure and original ecological filter plates, which can not only optimize the filtering effect, but also can get lowest cake moisture to about 50-60%. And we also can improve the recovery rate of sludge. In addition, in the long run, our machine can save more costs for you.

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