membrane filter press for white carbon black

- May 22, 2019-

This is an development era, and it is an era of high-quality. Under the dual pressures of ecological constraints and structural transformation, the coordination and sustainability of Chinese economic and social development have been further enhanced. On the one hand, comprehensive facilities update of sewage treatment, hazardous waste disposal and exhaust emissions. On the other hand, structure optimization drives economic development. Thus, not only public satisfaction is greatly improved, but also it realize “win-win” for environment protection and economic development.

The implementation of environmental protection policies has greatly enabled enterprises to increase their investment. So local governments have introduced active policies to optimize the investment policies. In a customer's membrane filter press machine workshop of white carbon black (also called silica, silicon dioxide or white carbon black silica) production line, after layer-by-layer filtration, workers get a white powder - white carbon black. White carbon black can be used as an additive for tires, food, medicine and other products. This is their new line invested. The soft environment of investment is getting better and better. This increases manufacturer’s confidence and further promotes high-quality development.

We believe that although the rising trend of trade protectionism and unilateralism internationally, China's great vitality will be further stimulated and released.


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