Membrane filter press makes rough filtering easier in food industry

- Mar 31, 2019-

With the diversification of food sources, the raw material becomes more and more difficult to be filtered, because it appears much  "fine and sticky".  For such materials, normal  dewatering machines work with low efficiency and can not reach expected performance. However, the membrane filter press can completely solves the above problems. 

For traditional chamber filter press, once meet solids with fine size and viscosity, it basically lost it's function, because the clothes are blocked immediately. But for membrane type FP System, even the feeding pressure can not squeeze liquid out, it also can adopt compressed air or high pressure water to realize "secondary squeezing". That's why membrane chamber filter press is widely used for complicated field.  

Additionally, to meet food industry, the structure can be coated by stainless steel, and all parts contact material will adopts PP. Besides that, it also can be used for chemicals, pharmacy industries. If you has higher requirement on the dewatering result, please contact us to get more technical specifications and support. 

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