Membrane Filter Press Plate Squeezing Types

- Sep 01, 2017-

For membrane filter plate, it’s the most advanced among filter plates. Comparing with recessed filter plate, membrane squeezing adopts the new technology. The membrane filter press plate adopts hollow design, which can be inflated. So on the basic of the normal filtering processes, membrane filter press can add the membrane squeezing to realize best filter press performance.

For operation steps of membrane filter press, it includes following steps: closing, feeding, filtering, squeezing and discharging. Except membrane squeezing, all steps are same. And there are two squeezing types, one is compressed air squeezing, and the other is high pressure water squeezing.

For the compressed air squeezing, it’s squeezed by the compressed air, so it needs to be equipped with air compressor. For the high pressure water squeezing, the membrane filter plate will be pumped into high pressure water by the pump. Comparing with compressed air squeezing, it has higher squeezing pressure and has better filtering effect. If want to know more info on filter press pump, pls contact us.

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