Membrane filter press affects titanium dioxide price

- Mar 06, 2019-

Titanium dioxide has very good chemical stability and normally does not  react with most substances. There are three types in nature: plate titanium , anatase and rutile. Plate titanium is unstable and has no industrial use value. Anatase (type A) and Rutile (type R) have stable crystal lattice, so they are popularly used as an important white pigment and porcelain glazes. Compared with other white pigments, it has superior whiteness, tinting strength, hiding power, especially it do not has toxicity. Titanium dioxide is widely used in many industries, such as: coatings, plastics, rubber, ink, paper, chemicals, ceramics etc....

From 2017, the price of TiO2 has began to increase greatly by more than 10% every year. It's decided by many factors. Internationally, Cristal Global announced on February 10, 2017 that it will increase the price of all TiONA® and Tikon titanium dioxide products starting from March 1, in the Asia Pacific region raising US$200/ton. But on February 21st, Cristal was acquired by Tronox. On the same year, Huntsman closed their TiO2 producing device at France. And ISK also increased the price by USD 150/Ton. 

In China market, Panzhihua Dongfang Titanium Industry stop some producing because of filter press maintenance. Then this filed was affected by the national policy "Supply-side Structural Reform".  Following that, the government issued strictly environment protection policy, and many manufacturers stopped producing for about 1-2 moths. All those has intensify the market demand. How this industry goes, let's see together. 

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