Membrane Recessed Filter Press Cloth

- Aug 17, 2017-

Now, the filter presses are the important wastewater treatment equipment.  And it include the membrane filter press and the recessed filter press. The both will need filter press as filtering medium.

pp Monofilament Filter Cloth.jpg

Under pressure of the filter press pump, the materials are pumped into the filter press chambers, then the materials will be filtered and separated via the filter press clothes. The quality of filter cloth directly decide the filtering performance. How to chose a suitable filter cloth? It mainly depends on following factors:

  1. Solid size. The suitable filter cloth should meet the filtering precision, so we select the filter cloth according to the solid size and solid content. Normally the filter cloth precision should be lower than the solid size, because while filtering, the solid layer will also work as a filtering medium to increase the filtering precision.

  2. Regenerability. We select the filter cloth also according to their regenerability. The good regenerability filter cloth can decrease the changing time, and easy to discharge cake. This manly decided by the filter cloth weaving types and surface process methods.

  3. other factors. The material’s PH valve, temperature etc., also directly affect the filter cloth’s selection.

Filter press clothes has many types, for every material we will recommend suitable filter cloth model to match your individual material. More info on filter cloth selection pls contact us.

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