Membrane Filter Press

- Aug 21, 2017-

Regarding the filter press, the filter press plate is one of the most important elements. SINO filtration, as one of leading China filter press manufacturer, we has various filter press plates with JB/T4333.3-2005 standard. For filter plates, the membrane filter plate has the most advanced technologies, because of the structure and technical requirement.

Membrane Plate Filter Press Manufacturer.jpg

Our membrane filter plate adopts RFPP (Reinforced Polypropylene) & TPE as the raw material, and all of them are come from China's first class supplier. Our filter plate is "Sandwich" design, which has three layers and hollow structure. In our filter plate factory, it will be processed by heat fusion, heat welding, CNC milling etc., so that ensrue the best membrane filter press quality.

Our membrane tyepe filter press plate features of big strength, high flexibility and high temperature resistance. If you want to buy China filter press plate or China filter presses, pls contact us.

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