Mining and Metallurgy Filter Press

- Jul 19, 2017-

The iron ore is the mineral aggregate, that contains the iron and the iron compound, and they are main raw material for the steel production. But before the steel production, it must be processed via breaking, smashing, magnetic separation, flotation and reelection etc. So on this processes, that will produce a lot of wastewater and our mining and metallurgy filter press is the popular equipment to recycle the water.

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Iron ore contains lots types:magnetite, hematite, limonite and siderite etc. And the different iron ore have their own feature and produce the different wastewater. But their main compositions include suspended solid, heavy metal, chemical medicament and the other pollutants. These will pollute the environment, so choose a suitable filter press is very important. For example: for magnetite, the wastewater does not have any impurities, which is not easy to handle, so we can use the normal tailing filter press; but for the other iron ore, the wastewater will have lots of clay or the other impurities. For this, we normally recommend the high pressure filter press or the membrane type filter press. The suitable filter press not only has lower cost, but also has good filtering effect to meet the discharging standard.

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