Municipal Sludge Dewatering Equipment: Chamber Membrane Filter Press

- May 16, 2020-

Municipal sludge is the most common type of sludge in our lives. It mainly includes domestic sludge, STP (sewage treatment plant) sludge, etc. Generally speaking, municipal sludge has features of higher organics, lower solid content and higher viscosity, so it is more difficult to dewater comparing with industrial sludge. We first recommend the membrane filter press for dewatering. Because for this filter press type, the sludge can be processed by secondary high-pressure dehydration to achieve the ideal sludge dewatering treatment effect.

Because the water molecules in this type of sludge can be deeply combined with organics and difficult to separate, so a membrane filter press is first consideration. When the filter cakes are formed at the first filtering process, the membrane filter plates will expands under the action of inner high-pressure air to achieve deep dewatering. After high-pressure squeezing, the filter cakes are dehydrated more thoroughly and faster. In addition, the residual moisture in the filter cake is low, so that the filter clothes are not easily adhered, and has longer service life.

For chamber membrane filter press, in China, it is generally used in complicated working conditions. In addition to municipal sludge, it has excellent performance in many fields for sludge dehydration, such as: biochemical sludge, digestion sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, tannery sludge, paper making sludge, etc. If you need the parameters and price of diaphragm filter press, please contact us.

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