Nylon filter Press Cloth

- Sep 05, 2017-

The nylon filter cloth has high strength to 4-5.3 cn/dtex. The nylon strength is the strongest among various fibers, and according to the related test, the nylon wear-ability is the 10 times of the cotton fiber and 50 times of viscose. The wear-ability is the best, so it’s the perfect selection for the hard materials. Addtionally it’s elongation is 18%-45%, and when the elongation is 10%, the elastic recovery rate is more than 90%.

Nylon filter Press Clothes.jpg

As one of filter press accessaries, the nylon filter cloth can bear strong alkali and the weak acid. And under the 95℃, use the NaOH(10%) to treat for 16 hours, it only will cause a small little damage. But if expose under the sun, it will discolor and be brittle, so pls do not use it under the blazing sun for the long time.

For nylon filter cloth, it’s widely used for ceramics, metallurgy and mining etc. On the other hand, because the nylon is poisonous, so the nylon filter cloth is not used for food and pharmacy etc. The popular models include: 301,407,663,17-2 and 17-7 etc. More info on filter press clothes, pls contact us immediately.


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