Why does the oil of hydraulic filter press become turbid?

- Aug 08, 2018-

In the operation of the hydraulic filter press, normally hydraulic system is extremely sealed, but why does the hydraulic oil become turbid after long time usage? And how to maintain the filter press machine

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When the hydraulic filter press works, mainly while closing pp plates, the oil system is running circularly. The hydraulic oil flows under the influence of strong internal energy by the oil pump, thus it will flushes the inner wall of each component, such as: oil tank, oil hose, cylinder etc.. The friction is generated and the inner wall of the component is gradually worn to form extremely small solid particles. When filter press machine stop working, the hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank. Then solids are gradually deposited, so the hydraulic oil looks turbid. Especially for the new hydraulic filter press or the hydraulic filter presses which long time did not replaced the oil, this phenomenon is popular.  

To ensure stable performance of a hydraulic filter press, we not only asked for high quality hydraulic oil, but also need regular maintenance. For the hydraulic filter press, we normally suggest customer to replace the hydraulic oil at first month, then half year, then every year. If you has any confusing on China hydraulic filter press or want to know China filter press price, pls consult us. 

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