Operation attention of plate frame filter press

- Jun 09, 2018-

After installation and commissioning of plate filter press, then it can work. But before plate filter press operation, we must know the operation rules, so that ensure smooth running and operator's safety. The plate filter press operator not only should know the basic filter press principle, but also need to know the structure of plate filter press. For example, the chamber plate filter press is different with membrane plate filter press. Then please pay attention to following items.  

1.The plate filter press operator must has basic theoretical knowledge of the filter press machine, and also need know rules and safety requirements in their industry. Especially for the special materials, say, toxic, high temperature etc... Only in this way, they can use the pp plate filter press rightly. 2.Before running the plate filter press machine, pls check the solid content of your material, so that it has good flowability, otherwise will damage the filter plates. 3.Pls check every moving parts weather are in good condition, then ensure all pipes are not block. 4.For plate filter press, it can be used in various industry, but the filtering cycle will be greatly different according to the solid nature. So pls control the feeding cycle correctly. 5.While plate filter press working, pls check the liquid is clean or not. If not pls stop the filtration process to check and repair. 7.While cake discharging and cloth washing, the operator of plate frame filter press must keep off the moving parts. If need manual discharging, pls use soft shovel to protect the filter clothes. 8.The filter cloth is the key part of a plate filter press, so must keep a good air permeability. If blocked, pls wash it regularly. 9.While filter plates pack squeezing, must keep them in right order and right quantity, otherwise, might damage the hydraulic cylinder.

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