Painting Pre-processing For Filter press

- Nov 09, 2017-

The metal surface painting is the method that protects the metal to avoid oxide corrosion. For the filter press, the good painting will increase the life-span and better appearance. But if the coating with metal surface is not good combined, the protection performance of painting will greatly decrease. On the other hand, if the metal has damage, big crack or the other flaw, it will cause the bad painting, and it even accelerate the filter press corrosion. So the pre-process is very important before painting for the filter press.

blue orange filter press.jpg

Generally, our cast iron filter press and pp filter press will be processed by sand blasting or polishing, that can greatly remove the filter press surface rust or oil contamination to get the best painting. Before painting, the pre-processing not only avoid metal continuous corrosion, but also increase the binding force of the metal surface with the painting coats.

SINO filter press machine mainly adopts blue and orange color, so it looks more beautiful and popular welcomed. Beside the filter press, our filter press plates also adopts advanced technologies to get best quality. If you want to know more producing technology of the plate filter press, pls contact us.

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