Painting requirement of filter press

- Nov 08, 2017-

For filter press manufacturers, the painting is the last step. A good painting can make the filter press looks more beautiful and has better corrosion resistant performance to serve longer. And to get the good painting result, there are some technology requirement for a filter press machine.

23.Automatic Membrane Filter Press_副本.jpg

Before painting, the filter press structure should be processed to remove the surface rust and impurities, and then paint the undercoat within two hours. Our undercoat adopts epoxy zinc phosphate primer, that has better adhesive force, and can supply the long time corrosion protection. We paint the epoxy mio barrior paint, which the solid element is more than 80%, and the specific gravity is more than 1.8Kg/L. It can make sure the intermediate coat has enough iron oxide content. Finally, for the finishing coat, we use the acrylic polyurethane coat, because it has good light-protection and color-protection performance. It’s not only the filter press frame. For a hydraulic filter press, the hydraulic station will be processes in the same way.

We paint filter presses according to the national standard with the beautiful color. If you want to know more info on the filter press data, filter press clothes and filter press plates, pls contact us.

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