Painting wastewater filter press

- May 23, 2020-

The spray paint wastewater mainly comes from the air of painting room. The paint and organic solvents in the air will be finally transferred to wastewater. It contains a large number of paint particles. Its waste water quality is determined by the paint (mainly nitrocellulose lacquer, amino paint, alkyd paint, epoxy paint), solvents (such as ethanol, acetone, esters, benzene) and additives. Let take an example in automobile industry. 

A lot of effluent is discharged while painting of cars and its parts. In it contains many toxic matters, such as: resins, surfactants, heavy metal ions, paints, pigments, organic solvents etc... And the CODCr value is high. If can not properly disposed, it will cause serious pollution to the environment. How to manage wastewater treatment? The traditional method is to be directly processed by coagulant. However, it contains lots of organic solvents, so the treatment effect is not as expect, and it is difficult to reach Chinese sewage discharge standard. Only further treated by plate filter press, it can be discharged. Why?

Under the functions of flocculant, the oil, polymer resin (epoxy resin), pigment (carbon black), powder and phosphate, in the painting wastewater, can aggregate into obvious precipitation sludge. After that, dewater the sludge. This method can effectively purify the painting wastewater. Please contact us for quotation on painting wastewater filter press. 

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