Basic Operating Conditions of Plate and Frame Filter Press

- Jul 10, 2017-

The plate and frame filter press is the popular equipment that used for solid-liquid separation. So what should be the conditions to meet normal operation? We know the operating procession and the operating principle, so the seal performance of the filter chamber and the pressure difference are the basic conditions for filter press operation.

The filter chamber is the most special part than the other parts of the filter press. Because it consists of the filter plates. The filter plate are putted on the frame in order, then they are closed to form the filter chamber by the high pressure, and the filter chamber must bear the big reverse pressure to get a good seal performance. If it cannot bear big reverse pressure, that will have some materials leakage and will not have the filter effect. So the seal performance is the important for the filter press operation.

In addition to that, it also needs a pressure difference on the both sides of the filter cloth. And it only has a pressure difference, the liquid can go through the cakes and the filter cloth. So the pressure difference is the running impetus of the liquid. Without the pressure difference, the filter press can not work.

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