Plate and frame filter press for electrolytic sludge

- Sep 19, 2018-

Electrolytic aluminum, that means aluminum that is produced via electrolysis method. The modern industrial producing adopts “cryolite-alumina melting salt electrolysis” method. The molten cryolite is a solvent; the aluminium oxide is used as a solute; the carbon works as an anode, and the aluminum liquid is a cathode. After a strong direct current is applied, an electrochemical reaction is performed on the both poles in the electrolytic cell at 950 - 970 ℃. That is the process of electrolysis. The specific chemical reaction is mainly carried out including: 


2O2ˉ+C-4eˉ=CO2↑ (Anode) 

 Al3+3eˉ=Al (Cathode)

In the production, a large amount of waste gas, wastewater and solid waste are generated. For wastewater, a circulating system is generally provided. Normally the production water is recycled; the domestic sewage produced is discharged to the domestic sewage treatment station. Thus there will be basically no external drainage .

The solid waste are mainly the slag produced from the electrolytic cell, carbon slag, treated sludge etc.. The electrolytic slag is hazardous, which are regularly sent to the slag yard; the residual poles are recovered by the carbon plant; The treated electrolytic sludge and wastewater finally will be dehydrated by the plate and frame filter press, then transported to the slag yard too.

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