Plate and frame filter press for perfume

- May 07, 2019-

In recent years, as a high-end articles of daily use, perfume has became an important part for women. According to statistics, the female perfume market in China is growing at an average rate of 23.8% per year, and the growth rate is much higher than the national economy. This makes China becomes the most promising perfume market in the world.

There are many classification standards, such as, perfume families, concentration, packing etc. According to perfume families, it contains many notes, for examples, floral notes, green leaf notes, aquatic notes, citrus notes, gambler notes, wood notes, leather notes, oriental notes, fougere notes, gourmet and fruity notes etc... On base of it's concentration, the perfume has EDC (Eau de Cologne), EDT (Eau de Toilette), EDP(Eau de Parfum), and Parfum/Extrait. 

How it was produced from manufacturer? First step: pre-treatment. This process is purifying the raw materials (alcohol, essence and water). Second step: mixing. After purification, it will mix the three elements together in a certain proportion. Next: seasoning. Put the mixture into a closed tank for seasoning/maturing via mechanical or chemical methods. Following that is cooling. After cooling, here will has some impurities deposit, then will adopt plate and frame filter presses for clarification. While filtering, it might need some filter adds, such as, diatomite. Then after adding pigment, it will be packed for sell.  

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