Plate and frame filter press for zirconium oxychloride filtration

- Dec 19, 2020-

Zirconium oxychloride is a common intermediate of zirconium oxide. Zirconia, generally refers to ZrO2, is the main oxide of zirconium. Under normal conditions, it is crystals with white, odorless and tasteless. And it is an important high temperature resistant material, ceramic insulating material and ceramic sunscreen. If used for zirconia refractory, most of them are manufactured by electrofusion. If for zirconia that used in fine ceramics, it is generally produced by wet methods. The most popular method is the neutralization precipitation method. In the production process, solid-liquid separation is the key part. The plate and frame filter press can not only effectively improve the purity of the chemicals, but also increase the production efficiency.

Industrially, zircon sand is used as raw material to obtain zirconium oxychloride after treatment with caustic soda (Na (OH)) and sulfuric acid (H2So4). The zirconium oxychloride is dissolved in pure water, then filtered to remove the insoluble matter. After that ammonia is added to neutralize the precipitate. The precipitated zirconium hydroxide will be dissolved with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to obtain zirconium oxychloride. After washing with hot water, it will be disposed by evaporation, crystallization, filtration, drying and calcining. The calcined product finally will be crushed to obtain stable ultra-fine zirconia powder.


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