How plate filter press blow filter cakes?

- Jun 07, 2017-

The filter plate press air blowing makes the filter cake drier by compressed air, so that the filter press cakes have lower moisture, and easier to discharge. On other hands, it makes the residual liquid of filter chambers to discharge before opening, and ensures it can’t pollute the environment while discharging. There are two types for air blowing. The one type is via the feeding hole, and the other is via corner holes.

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Air blowing via feeding hole
There will install a three-way junction. One port connects with the feeding pipe,  one with the
filter press feeding pump, and the other one is for the air compressor. While blowing, the feeding valve and the the pump will be closed, then the air compressor works to blow cakes. The advantage of this type is that it can blow the residual liquid in the pipe line.

Air blowing via corner hole
There are one or two up corner holes on the
filter press plate (small size filter plate has one corner hole, big filter plate has two corner holes). While the filtering process is done, the pump stops working, then the air compressor will work to blow cakes.

Generally, the air blowing pressure is the same as feeding pressure. And for some membrane filter presses and some high pressure filter presses, their filter cake is very dry, so it don’t need air blowing. Remark: air blowing is a popular function of a plate frame filter press and it do not raise price of filter press.

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