How to calculate the capacity of a plate filter press?

- Jan 16, 2018-

As we know, plate filter press is a very effect tool for sludge dewatering. But how to calculate it, many customers also have this question. In fact, the capacity of plate filter press is simple and also very complicated. Why? For some normal materials, such as, coal washing, it’s very simple to chose model. However, for some others, for example, biological sludge, it will be much more complicated. Here, as a professional filter press manufacturer, we share the basic calculation of the plate filter press.  

Plate Filter Press.JPG

For a plate filter press, the solids are blocked into the filtering chamber, so actually the calculation is a process to calculate the filtering volume(V). Before that, we need to know the basic info of materials filtered. C(m3/h): capacity of the material. Here refers to the final material, which will be pumped into plate filter press directly. R (%): the solid content. It normally refers the weight percentage. In China, filter press manufacturer calculate according to the following formula: V=C*R. 

In fact, the plate filter press calculation is more than that, and will consider much more factors: material’s nature, density, temperature, budget, automation,etc... If you want to buy plate filter press, pls contact SINO FILTRATION. We are professional china filter press manufacturer, so we can supply with professional service. 

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