How to calculate plate quantity of a plate filter press?

- Jan 30, 2018-

For a plate filter press, the filter plate pack is the key part, no matter chamber filter press, membrane filter press or plate frame filter press. Filter plate plays a important role while filtering. They mainly works to support filtering medium and solids. It’s size decide the filtering area and filtering capacity of a plate filter press. But how to calculate the plate quantity of a plate filter press?

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First, the quantity is mainly depend on the material filtered. For a plate filter press, the plate quantity is in direct proportion to filtering capacity. The capacity is not only refers to the solids, but also refers to the liquid. Second, it depends on the slurry nature. The slurry nature is greatly decide the discharging cycle. For some materials, say, coal washing wastewater, stone cutting wastewater, it will be very easy to be processed by plate filter press, so the plate quantity will be much less. However, for some materils, for example, paper making wastewater, biologic sludge etc., they will need much more plates to meet the filtering demand. Finally, the plate design also is a factor. For a plate filter press, the plate design will be different according to different manufacturer and models. Here mainly related to the cake thickness and the inner length. The cake thickness decide the filtering capacity of the plate filter press. The inner length decides the actual filtering area. They are inversely proportional to the plate quantity. More info pls contact us.

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