Plate Filter Press for Electroplating Wastewater

- Apr 18, 2018-

Plate filter press has good dewatering performance for electroplate factory. What is electroplating? You may wonder. It's a technology to clad a thin layer metallic membrance onto another metal surface via electrolysis reaction, so that make the metal has better characters on wear resistance, conductivity and corrosion resistance. However, such wastewater will cause serious pollution to our environment, so before discharging, it will be disposed. And the final sludge will use our plate filter press to dewater.

Electroplating wastewater mainly come from electrolysis bath and washing water. In the waste water contains lots of cyanide, which is toxic. It also has many heavy metals, say, chromium, iron, nickel, copper, zinc and etc.. Beside that, it has many soluble salts. So it's very necessary to remove the harmful elements before filter press discharging. While wastewater treatment, on one hand, the cyanide will be changed to N2 and Co2. On the other hand, the heavy metal and salts will be processed by chemical neutralization and coagulating sedimentation, and changed to sludge. Then dewatered by our plate filter presses. 

After sludge dewatering of plate filter press, it not only can recycle the water, but also can realize dry stack. SINO FILTRATION has rich experience in the field of electroplating wastewate. For this industry, normally the wasteater has strong ph value and is very corrosive, so we will adopts pure pp filter plates, so that ensure our pp filter press plates can serve much longer. Additionally, our plate filter press, in this industry, will has special structure process in order to resist corrosion. If you want to buy plate filter press for electroplate factory, pls tell us to get more technical support. 

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