Cost Comparison on Plate Filter Press and Belt Filter Press

- May 08, 2018-

For wastewater treatment plant, plate filter press and belt filter press are two of popular machine for final sludge dewatering. Which is better? Here we simply compare the both via the running cost. For sludge dewateing machine, the running cost normally consider the 3 parts: chemical cost, power and water consumption, and labor cost. 

Chemical cost. We know, for sewage treatment plant, the waste water will be further processed by chemicals, so that can reach the discharging standard. For plate filter press machine, because the filter press cloth has higher precision (to micrometer grade), so it has lower requirement on pretreatment, especially on the flocculant. However, for belt filter press, because the polyester belt has big aperture, so sludge must well flocculated. Otherwise the solid will leak. So plate filter press is better.

Power and water consumption. For filter presses, they are intermittent working, so there lower consumption only happens while hydraulic station works, namely while opening or closing. However for belt filter press, the driving motor is working all the time, so it will be higher running cost. Especially, the belt filter press must need washing water to regenerate the filter belt. Additionally the it must add the cost for the washing wastewater treatment. So plate filter press win. 

Labor cost. Because the belt filter press is contentiously working, and the sludge is scraped off, so normally no need operator watch over. However, for plate filter press, although it can realize automatic control, however, for some very viscous sludge, it must need operator to clean. For this points, belt filter press is better. 

From above, we learned that, no matter for filter press machine or belt filter press machine, the both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pls conisfer to buy on base of your demand. If you want to buy automatic plate filter press or belt filter press from China, pls contact us. 

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