Other Difference on Plate Filter Press and Belt Filter Press

- May 09, 2018-

Yesterday, we just talked the cost difference on plate filter press and belt filter press. Today we simply discuss other difference on the both, such as, maintenance, application, filtering performance etc... Then we can know the filter press machine and belt press comprehensively, so that we can buy the right machine to meet our actual demand. 

Maintenance. For filter press, the hydraulic system often is stable, the regular maintenance mainly focus on the filter plate and filter cloth. Because it's open structure, so makes the filter press maintenance very easier. For belt filter press, normally the design is compact. Once broken, it will be  very inconvenient, such as, filter belt replacement, bearing repair etc...

Application and performance. This point mainly is decided by the filtering medium. For plate frame filter press, the filter cloth is main part for filtration. However, for belt filter press, it's the polyester filter belt. Comparing with the both, the filter belt can see the gap on it, so the filter press cloth has much higher filtering precision. Thus filter press has wide application. But for belt filter, it must suitable for the materials, which add flocculant. And it's also why filter press has better filtering performance: clean liquid and dryer caked. If you want to buy wastewater filter press, pls contact SINO FILTRATION. 

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