The difference between plate filter press with centrifuge machine

- May 12, 2018-

Nearly we compared the plate filter press with belt filter press. In fact, for the solid liquid separation, there are many types, such as: centrifuge machine. Centrifuge machine, although accounts for smaller and smaller market, but once it's one of earliest filtration equipment. Today, let's find some filter press advantages and disadvantages via comparing the both. 

Centrifuge Machine (2).jpg

The both have different principle: filter press dewater by pump pressure, however, for the centrifuge machine, it depends on the centrifugal force. However, for the both, normally regarded as intermittent working device. What's the different? For pp filter press, the advantages are: safer, lower cost, better filtering performance and easy maintenance. Here the cost not only refers the purchasing cost, but also include running cost and maintenance cost. But for centrifuge machine, the advantage is lower chemical consumption and compact structure. 

In fact, beside above mentioned the point, their application also are different. For plate frame filter press, it has wide applications. For example, for the fine-filtration and ultra-filtration, the plate filter press is first choice, such as, fine chemicals, beverages, liquor etc.. Centrifuge machine normally suitable for rough filtration, and once the rotating speed is higher, it might break the solid shape (crystals). If you want to know more info on filter presses and centrifuge, pls contact us. 

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