Technological innovation shorten plate filter press distance in the world

- Aug 19, 2018-

According to introduction, digestion and independent innovation, now the China plate filter presses have smaller and smaller gap with products from developed countries. Especially the chamber filter press in China has very mature technologies. In fact, now China is not only the biggest plate filter press market, but also the biggest filter press supplier. Among, them SINO FLLTATION is one of professional plate filter press supplier. And now our plate filter presses has exports to Hungary, USA, Russia ect...

As we know, plate filter press is one of traditional dewatering machines. It is widely used in chemicals, metallurgy, coal, food, pharmacy and other fields. However, in the past, for a quite long period, China plate filter presses are mainly imported from foreign countries. Now the situation has completely changed. 


Technically, our PP chamber filter press, under normal temperature, it can endure over 1.2 MPa and can serves for years. Additionally, our high temperature pp chamber filter press, max can endure 110 ℃. Beside that, our filter clothes are has higher filtering efficiency than normal. Especially for our MONO filter cloth can automatically discharge viscous sludge. If you want to buy China plate filter press or China chamber filter press, pls contact us. 

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